My name is charlotte nadine bray I’m 21 almost 22,I’m the youngest of 10 children i have 5 handsome brothers and 4 beautiful sisters i have a the best parents who are still married and are such a good example to me. my family dos not end there I’m an aunt to 17 children and they are all crazy but we have so much fun love them all.



Im a Boss !!! no really i started my training with toni & guy and i was there for 3 years i now run a small salon and i work for myself its honestly the best thing I’ve ever done. i love working in the beauty industry and making people look and feel fabulous, i love being creative and trying new things, I’m obsessed with products and i have to say that¬†kerastase has to be one of my favourites to use can’t really get much better then that.


my family don’t really recognise me as i spent the whole of last year traveling,i love nothing better then seeing and experiencing new cultures and lets be honest there is nothing greater then a nice tan. for me its all about being out of your comfort zone and trying new exciting things, iv been on cheep as chips holiday and 5* luxury ones and apart from amazing accommodation i must admit some of my favourite memories have been all down to the times when i was scrimping causing me to have a better adventure.


I met the the love of my life when we where 16 he is the funnest most caring person on the planet, we have been together for 6 years this year. he is currently serving a full time mission for the church of jesus christ of later day saints and i could never be more proud, he is my best friend and iv only got 7 more months until he gets home so who knows what the future holds for us.


Just do it yep thats my moto,I’m really into my fitness and I’m trying to get into the best shape i can i think not only because it keeps me happy it helps me let of steam i think one day id like to enter a competitions but who knows. this picture was taken a while ago so things have changed and my fitness levels have really improved.


All things girlie thats pretty much what I’m about some people may call it fake but i like to think of it as enhancing if things make you happy then do it,it does not matter what people think.so i love hair extension,fake tan eye lashes and nails. I’m a lover of fashion and I’m addicted to shoes i just think of them as an investment i can hand them down to my children one day, i studied fashion and textiles at collage and loved it.


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