Lets talk shirts, i love a good shirt i personally think they are one of the most comfortable things to wear not only do they come in so many different styles and with so many different patterns they can be dressed up or down, if you are going from work to after work catch up with the girls there are so many different ways you can shake up your shirt to make that day to night transformation.

for example at work have the collar slightly undone only the first 3 buttons you don’t want the ladies hanging out. maybe tucked into your trousers then for the evening do all the buttons up and put an over sized necklace underneath the collar and untuck it from your trousers creating a more sassy but glam look oh and lets not forget alway add a splash of colour that will complement the shirt id say a nice bold lipstick.



Nothing better on a sunny sunday then a white pair of heeled sandals and a fresher then fresh hermes birkin, i don’t really think there is anything else that would compliment a tan quite like these colours white and tan with a hint of gold and silver.




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