I love getting new goodies for the gym, for some reason when i wear new clothes and get new things for the gym it keeps me motivated. some times the results we wish for may take longer then expected but if we remain focused we will achieve our goal plus getting something new every now and then just makes that process slightly better.


Workout  at the tack



So I’m not really going to pretend that I’m a professional because lets be honest we can all tell I’m not but i can honestly say that  as much as i love working out in the gym i love nothing more then getting out in the fresh air and the sun.

I like to try and find different ways on working out parts of my body that are not in my normal every day routine, i think what i have found is using your own body weight really can make you become stronger and its working for me. i started training four weeks ago and i could not even do one dip and now i find myself being able to get to 12 so ladies and gentle men if i can do it with these skinny baby arms then so can you.

My clothes i chose for working out really for me is all about comfort my newest favourite brad to wear are from JD sport and its called (pure) give them a try you will not regret it. its a cheaper brand but the quality is a lot better then a lot of the more expensive ones.





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