Switzerland champery 

febuary 2013






what can i say about switzerland well the people are lovely the food is great can’t really comment on the skiing as I’m to very good at it and i spent more time posing on the slopes trying to look like a pro skier then actually skiing, this is a holiday that iv been on 4 times and its with my partners family and they are all amazing skiers we usually ski to france for a day trip and stop to get crepes which is kind of the only reason i put myself through the torment of trying to keep up with the group and talking to myself in my head trying to plan every move so that i don’t fall over.

the hotel we stay in has an amazing chef and as the family have been going there for so long they re all good friends with him, he is apart of the family he is an amazing cook. we come back to the hotel every day to freshly made cakes and hot chocolate i mean if your watching your weight its not for you but i just think of it as I’m skiing which is exercise so i can eat double.


April- july 2013

california,salt lake,vegas,florida


In salt lake


The best food at Pismo beach


Pismo beach sun setting


In cali enjoying the sun




Yosemite  falls caught this man living life on the edge


Day at the lake when we learned how to wake board


The things you see in san francisco


Tram ride around the city


Pier 39


The night we took a ride in a cop car


Shooting guns in salt lake


Hit the jack pot playing on the slots in vegas ( i wish)


Day in the sun at the palace


Part of the sky line in vegas


The most amazing water fountain


Trip to disney land in california


World of colour show was amazing every one should see it at least once in there life

so not only is america on of my favourite places to go i decided to take a trip last april with one of my best friends we had saved up to do a crazy trip to california to spend 3 months there for summer, little did we know that we would meat some of the best people we where so lucky to have met a certain family i won’t mention any manes but they now who they are. they basically made our trip the best trip we could have ever have imagined . so a massive thank you to them we started our trip in a place called fresno in california we where staying with my sister who also helped us a lot and made certain things possible.

our time in cali we where able to visit Pismo beach, san francisco LA and a couple of other places we visited places like the giant redwoods and hiked up Yosemite falls it was the best feeling along with trips to a lake where we attempted to wake board, we also had the privilege of white water rafting. being terrified of water i can honestly say there is nothing better then facing your own fears I’m so glad i had them experiences as they have honestly changed my life.

on a whole i can safely say that california was one of the coolest places to go i would recommend it to any one and being in such a diverse place  i don’t really know many places that you can swim in the see and be in snow on a mountain in the same day, if you love being out doors and you have a passion for adventure its the place for you.

san francisco happens to be one of the most random cities iv ever been to i mean seeing a pig being walked down the street on a lead and people just drunk dancing in the middle of the road was such an eye opener to how wonderful and crazy this world really is. everything to the golden gate bridge and the prison on the island just adds so much character and life to the city its hills just create the perfect back drop to any photo. the pier with its hustle and bustle and the smell of the sea just makes all your senses become over whelmed i will never forget my time i spent there and the energy i felt being in such an amazing place.

we took a road trip to vegas and surprisingly the drive was not to bad the wide roads in america make it some what easy to drive on the wrong side of the road as I’m used to driving on the left hand side of the road and the right hand side of the car. as we arrived into vegas it just looked like the biggest amusement park id ever seen,the huge buildings and the rides with the lights and the show girls on every cover it is the perfect party city we where so lucky to stay at caesars palace and what a fabulous hotel it was, the shopping inside the hotel was amazing along with the casino the show we saw therein was Celine Dion  wow she blow me away pretty much in tears when i left the show. its the perfect place to let your hair down i personally  would never take children there as i seemed to see quite a few when i was visited its more for the party lovers and people looking for a good time if your looking for a chilled relaxing quiet holiday nope don’t go.

over all id tell every one to visit america the places i have been so far where absolutely amazing and i had the most insane time of my life i left for this trip with no plans and not a whole lot of money but through the kindness and love from friends and family my tip could never be topped or made better.

October 2014 Salt lake


Salt lake temple



Shooting in the mountains oh and of course i had to wear pink ear protectors



Blowing the smoke away from my gun



Front row at a byu football game



Front row style



At the game with the one and only madi

this trip for me was for a wedding but i got to spend a lot of time with my wonderful friends and getting to do some more shooting was so much fun i think its safe to say that I’m getting pretty good at it.

November 2014 Bath,Ireland,Scotland,Paris




In bath being cheeky





I was thinking about getting a new job.. not really but iv never seen it advertised so openly



Just happens that we had the same bags, I’m in love with mhichael kors



The girls and the man playing the bag pipes was amazing



Honestly this was the biggest sword id ever seen not really sure how that would work in a fight or if its just for show



Edinburgh castle what a beautiful place



This man was amazing making the best fudge iv ever tasted




Early morning walk in Paris with the girls



The Eiffel tower in the morning



The french architecture was the most beautiful thing iv ever seen



A view of paris in november from the eiffel town



A spot of sight seeing, what a view



This made me smile whilst walking through paris there should be more love in the world


The lock bridge oh what a romantic city this is





So meet my new friend he dose not really say much



I loved this made me feel like i was in an old movie



A small town in Ireland i think i could live here it was so beautiful



Just us girls and the sea


The girls eating there fish and chips by the water,look how carm it is there



The most amazing rolled chocolate thing not really sure what it was called but it sure was delicious


Just a little bit of working for the camera what can i say if the mood is right you just have to go with it




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