And we shall party until we can’t any more

20140711-053801 pm-63481545.jpgheading to a boart party on the themes don’t mind if I do with my beautiful sisters, and a good weekend lovely people. X


Work it

20140708-023336 pm-52416703.jpg

Working on the pull up machine doing some leg press nothing is greater then a pain that you know is good for you

Progress report

So after 3 weeks at the gym training to get my body fat percentage down and today was my second body pinch test. Iv lost 2% and really that’s good but some how not good enough 2 more to go. (Once you start you can’t stop)

oh why england?

after much excitement of actually being forecasted a nice day we decided to plan for a BBQ, but honestly not sure why. I’m feeling let down the british weather should not come as a surprise to me as iv lived here my whole life and yet again its decided to be over cast and most likely to rain. oh england will you ever be consistent?

The crash

So tonight after taking pre workout I’m still very much energised even after leaving the gym over 2 hours ago, my body is exhausted but my brain still wants to party. It’s going to be a long night and will never do it again, cardio is my new pre workout.

Its a wonderful life